What To Bring To SAT?

What To Bring To SAT? Here’s What You Need To Know

Learn what you can bring to SAT and what you shouldn’t. Make sure you won’t forget anything by reviewing this list well in advance of the Saturday morning that you’re taking the SAT.

Don’t forget (or bring) anything to the SAT test that would prevent you from taking it. Do you know what to bring and what not to bring to SAT test? Don’t worry. Read this article and you can learn what you can bring to an SAT testing room. Our SAT test day checklist also explains how to get ready for the exam.

What To Bring To The SAT?

Before you go to the SAT testing room, please make sure you have all the things in your bag:

Your Admission Ticket

From your College Board account, you can print your ticket. You require this to enter the SAT testing facility, so bring it with you!

School Id Or Government-issued ID

You need an official, hard-copy photo ID to be let into the SAT testing center. You will be turned away if you don’t have your ID with you! The identification must be the genuine article; not a printed replica or a digital image on your phone.

Your current, physical school ID, your passport, or your driver’s license (must be the physical version, not a temporary paper license) are some examples of acceptable forms of identification.

In order to verify your identity, the SAT test proctors will cross-reference the data on your ID and Admission Ticket with the SAT test center roster. Check to see if the name on your ID and ticket match. If you go by a nickname, it must be the same on both documents.

2-3 Number 2 Pencils And A Sharpener

what to bring to sat

A few sharpened Number 2 pencils and a small sharpener should be brought. These are the typical yellow pencils you’ll find in any classroom, but to make sure yours is a Number 2, look for a small “2” on the wood close to the eraser.

Make sure your pencils have effective erasers as well or bring an extra one. The use of mechanical pencils, ink pens, highlighters, or any other writing implements is prohibited.

A Watch

Bring a watch (including all smartwatches and fitness bands) without an alarm if you want to pace yourself. If the alarm goes off while the SAT test is being administered, you will be escorted from the room and your SAT test will not be graded.

It’s okay if you don’t have a watch! Each section of the test will have five minutes remaining indicated by the test proctor.

An SAT-approved Calculator And Extra Batteries

For the math test, bring a calculator that has been approved by the SAT. All of the math problems can be solved without a calculator; you are not required to use one. To speed up some questions or to check your work, it can be useful.

Prior to the exam, make sure to test your calculator to ensure that it is operational and free of any malfunctions or low battery issues. Consider bringing some batteries if you’re worried about it dying in the middle of the SAT test.


Bring a nutritious snack for the 10 or 5-minute break to eat outside the testing room. Choose a snack that will keep you satisfied and won’t result in a sugar crash.

Nuts, which are a good source of protein and healthy fats, granola bars with less than 10g of sugar, as well as fruits like apples that are high in fiber, are some examples of healthy snacks. Another nutritious snack is a boiled egg, but if you bring one, you might offend some people who are sensitive to smell.

Consider bringing your favorite mints or mint gum because they often increase alertness in people.

A Jacket Or Sweater

what to bring to sat

Given that you will be seated for a number of hours, testing rooms are already notoriously chilly. Be prepared for any temperature by dressing in layers. Nothing that might divert your attention from the task at hand is desired!

A Mask

In the SAT testing area, you might require a mask. Before arriving at the testing facility, check the COVID-19 regulations there.

What Not To Bring To SAT?

There is something you shouldn’t bring to SAT, or you can’t attend the test.

Electronic Devices

All electronic gadgets, including digital watches, smartwatches, and fitness bands, are prohibited. If you can, we advise leaving your cell phone with your parent or legal guardian. Turn your phone completely off and ask the proctor what to do with it if you must bring it to the SAT testing facility.

The proctor will typically have a system in place for collecting cell phones, but you should make sure they are not in your possession and that they are not making any noise while you are taking the SAT test. You will be dismissed and your exam won’t be graded if this occurs.

Cameras Or Any Other Photographic Equipment

There will be no cameras, as College Board felt the need to specify.

Separate Timers Of Any Type

You might believe that bringing a different timer will allow you to avoid the dreaded “beeping watch,” but that is untrue. The proctor’s timing or the use of a reliable, quiet watch will be required to keep you on schedule.

Other Writing Or Math Tools

Anything other than your #2 pencils, eraser, and authorized calculator should not be brought. According to the College Board, you cannot bring protractors, compasses, rulers, highlighters, colored pens, or colored pencils.

Dictionaries, Books, Pamphlets, Or Papers Of Any Kind

It doesn’t matter if English isn’t your first language; there are no exceptions. On this SAT test, you are not allowed to consult any outside sources. Any attempt to do so will be considered cheating, result in your dismissal from the exam, and result in the SAT test not being scored.

what to bring to sat

Tips for Getting Ready for the SAT Examination

  • Pack the materials and everything mentioned on the “what to bring to SAT” list much before the exam. You won’t feel any more anxious on the day of the first exam if you do this.
  • Make sure the calculator is functioning properly by checking it. Invest in a new one if it isn’t. However, keep batteries with you in the testing facility if you intend to bring an old one.
  • A ticket for entry is required. Therefore, make an effort to bring extra copies of the admission ticket. So you won’t have to deal with any hassles even if you lose one because you have backups.
  • Before leaving for the exam, eat a healthy meal. Avoid binge eating or starvation. While taking the test, this might make you feel queasy.
  • Make sure you have everything with you before leaving. Any important document would not be something you would want to overlook.

Do’s of the SAT Exam Day

Apart from what to bring on SAT test day, it is essential to keep the following pointers in mind:

  • Organize the exam based on the time allotted.
  • Show up on time to the exam site.
  • Both before and after the exam, unwind. Don’t stress yourself out too much about the exam by cramming information.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast before the test.
  • When addressing a math issue, emphasize the important points.
  • Actively go through the questions.
  • Do not omit any blanks from the questions.
  • Dress in relaxed attire.
  • Bring along nutritious snacks for breaks, such as protein bars and nuts.
  • Prepare by printing your exam admission ticket.

Don’ts of the Exam Day

  • Don’t arrive at the test site late.
  • Don’t attempt to cheat on the test.
  • A pattern in the answers should not be predicted.
  • For a single question, only one answer should be circled.
  • Don’t stress yourself out over the test.
  • Avoid focusing too much time on a single question.
  • Bring no prohibited items.
  • Don’t rush the solutions.
  • Avoid skipping breakfast.

Once you have everything you require to begin, passing the SAT exam becomes easier.

When Do The SAT Testing Sessions Begin And End?

what to bring to sat

The SAT exam typically begins between 8:30 and 8:30:30 in the morning. and 9 a.m. The latest that students should plan to arrive is 7:45 a.m. Doors usually close by 8 a.m., so those who arrive after this time might not be admitted.

In 2022, the SAT will last three hours, so students will typically be let out between 11:30 and noon. and 12 p.m. Based on the number of questions and level of difficulty, each SAT test section has a set time limit. Read More: How Many Questions on the SAT?

What To Do To Get Ready The Night Before The SAT?

Examinees can effectively prepare for the SAT the night before by using the advice provided below.

Don’t Overstudy (Or Study At All)

Even though cramming the night before the SAT might seem like a worthwhile, last-ditch effort, it can actually make it harder to remember information and do well on the SAT test. Consider prioritizing brain rest over studying the night before.

Check For Test Center Closings

It’s a good idea to check that your SAT test center won’t close unexpectedly the night before the big test given the difficulties COVID-19 has presented for academia. Students can check the list of testing locations provided by the College Board to make sure their chosen location is open.

Gather Your Materials And Plan Your Morning

It’s a good idea to pack your backpack with personal items and SAT materials the night before because you might be busy and anxious the morning of your SAT test. You’ll have one less thing to worry about when you wake up if you finish this beforehand.

Get Plenty Of Rest

The night before a big exam, get a good night’s sleep to avoid taking it with a foggy head and not being able to give your best effort. Try to go to bed and wake up at the times that are regular for you. Get eight hours or more of sleep each night.

what to bring to sat

What To Do To On The SAT Morning?

The way the SAT test day unfolds can be influenced by what you do in the morning. Take the following actions to reduce your stress on SAT mornings.

Eat A Balanced Breakfast And Drink Water

By giving them the energy they need to get through a three-hour exam, balanced breakfast with protein, carbs, and healthy fats can help students get off to a good morning. Examples include eggs and toast, oatmeal, and yogurt with berries. Staying hydrated and drinking water are also wise decisions.

Follow Your Normal Morning Routine

Following your usual morning routine can be very beneficial when it comes to maintaining calm and reducing anxiety. Consistency is key. If you usually have a cup of coffee and walk your dog, don’t change it. Just be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get to the SAT testing location.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Comfort is important because the exam will take three hours while you sit at a table. Wear loose, cozy, and comfortable clothing, including your pants and your shirt. Additionally, bring a jacket in case it gets chilly at the SAT testing facility.

Leave For The SAT Test Center Early

Since doors close at least 15 minutes before the exam begins, failing to arrive at the testing location early may result in being turned away. If the SAT test begins at 8 a.m., arrive no later than 7:45 a.m. If the testing site is in an unfamiliar location, you should also allow time to account for traffic and locate it.

Conclusion: Have a Good Rest before the Test

You now understand what to bring to the SAT test and what not to do. So, whenever you feel puzzled about “What to bring to SAT test,” consider the list above and pack accordingly. To ensure thorough preparation, keep in mind the suggestions above as well. In this manner, your SAT prep will always be successful.


Is There a Dress Code for Taking the SAT?

Stick with the straightforward, uncomplicated option whether you are taking the test in the spring or the fall. Dress in sweatpants, a hoodie, and sneakers if the weather is cool. If the weather is warm, you should wear a loose pair of shorts and a soft t-shirt.

Can I Bring a Small Bag to SAT?

While taking the test, students may bring a backpack as long as it is stored under a desk. Calculator batteries and other similar items are acceptable. 2 pencils with erasers, a watch with no audible alarm, and drinks and snacks.

Are Sharpeners Allowed on SAT?

Although all of your pencils should be sharpened in advance to save time, you are permitted to bring a pencil sharpener. Additionally, it never hurts to pack an extra two or three pencils; you probably won’t need them, but you never know.

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