Should High School Students Have Part-time Jobs? Pros & Cons

Should High School Students Have Part-time Jobs? Pros & Cons

It’s a good idea to be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of having your teen work while they are still in high school before they begin their job search.

A part-time job during the school year in high school should be a no-brainer, right? Despite the fact that kids are busier today—taking more tests and participating in more extracurricular activities to gain admission to colleges that are much more competitive—it should still be obvious.

So should high school students have part-time jobs? Although working while studying has some disadvantages, many students see employment as a benefit. Here we will talk about the pros and cons of having part-time jobs in high school.

Should High School Students Have Part-time Jobs?

According to all available research, working a part-time job while in high school is typically a very fruitful experience. Learning how to handle responsibility, manage time, interact with adults, get a glimpse of the working world, and fill time with a worthwhile activity are just a few of the advantages. Teenagers who are busy are less likely to cause trouble.

Students in high school who work develop more mature attitudes and behaviors. They develop a stronger sense of self-worth if they do a good job at their job and get given more responsibilities.

A part-time job can also be listed on a college or job application, which is unquestionably advantageous. If students start working in their senior year rather than earlier, they are more likely to have a positive outlook on work.

There is one major qualification to every benefit of working a part-time job. Typically, students should not work more than 20 hours per week because doing so will affect their grades, homework completion, and the likelihood of dropping out.

Should High School Students Have Part-time Jobs? Pros & Cons

Not all students are able to manage a part-time job during the academic year. Working can obstruct necessary study time or significant extracurricular activities.

As a parent, you must watch out for your teen to make sure they aren’t trying to do too much, even though getting a part-time job is a great learning opportunity for them. Even while you’re still in high school, self-care is crucial!

Pros of Working While in High School

  • It can be used to teach about the connection between income and education. Most high schoolers hold low-paying jobs that don’t necessarily require a degree. This can make it more obvious that education is necessary in order to earn a good living.
  • It may impart a sense of financial worth. Teenagers who are unemployed must rely on the financial support of others. Students who work earn their own money and can better appreciate the value of money thanks to this.
  • Budgeting is a valuable lesson that it can impart. Students can witness how easily money spent on frivolous items can disappear.
  • It can instruct time-management techniques. Students must develop their time management skills if they are to balance a job with their studies.
  • It might bolster self-assurance. Students may feel more competent than they might otherwise feel after working a job.
  • Teenagers can use it to help them avoid trouble. It has been demonstrated that summer jobs significantly reduce violent incidents among youth from disadvantaged backgrounds by 43%. Jobs after school may offer similar advantages.
Should High School Students Have Part-time Jobs? Pros & Cons

Cons of Working While in High School

  • It may reduce academic success. Researchers have found that students who work more than 20 hours a week perform worse academically, even though it is difficult to measure the relationship between working and grades.
  • Often, it falls short of imparting useful skills. According to research, the majority of high school jobs do not teach skills that can result in any kind of career advancement.
  • It might foster unfavorable opinions of the workplace. The majority of high school students have boring jobs. That might spread unfavorable ideas about work in general.
  • It eliminates personal time. Some high schoolers who are employed are caught in a difficult situation. They need money for a social life, but working full-time leaves them with no free time.
  • Fatigue may result from it. Students who work jobs and then return home to study might not get enough sleep. Fatigue may result from this, which may have an adverse effect on one’s health and general well-being.

Tips for Balancing High School and a Part-Time Job

Here are some simple strategies to help your high school student balance a part-time job and high school.

  • During the week of classes, impose a maximum on shifts. School, homework, extracurricular activities, and a job can be challenging to balance.
  • Find a job where your hours are only required on the weekends. This will enable you to concentrate on your studies during the week and get enough rest.
  • The summertime job market. When school is out, you can spend more time making money without worrying about your grades or schoolwork.
Should High School Students Have Part-time Jobs? Pros & Cons

What Are the Best Part-Time Jobs for a High School Student?

Here are the top ten jobs we recommend for high school students!


A common way for teenagers to supplement their income is through babysitting. It’s possible that a family member or a neighbor of yours is looking for a reliable childcare option after school or on the weekends. Many times, these parents don’t demand any prior work history.

Pet Sitter

Babysitting and pet sitting are similar tasks. If your adolescent has a pet of their own, they might be willing to help out a neighbor with theirs.

This can involve taking the dog for a walk, checking in on them periodically, and giving them food and clean water while their owner is away or preoccupied at work, among other things. Additionally, it is typically quite flexible.

Lifeguard/Swim Instructor

A great option for a summer job is this. If your teen enjoys the summertime sun and swimming, they can become certified as lifeguards or work as swim instructors at a nearby recreation facility. Usually, there is also some sort of first aid training to make sure they are prepared for any emergency.

If they don’t want to work during the school year and need something to do during the summer, these jobs are great.

Should High School Students Have Part-time Jobs? Pros & Cons


Even in your teen’s high school, there are always students who require academic assistance. In order to offer assistance to students who are having difficulty in an area where their child excels, they see if they can make some flyers to post at school or secure permission to post on social media.

Those kids can ask their parents if they would be interested in hiring you for assistance!

Food Service

High school students can work part-time at any fast food restaurant, including McDonald’s. As a team member, you will lend a hand wherever it is needed in the restaurant (drive-thru, food preparation, cleaning, etc.). These positions typically pay the federal minimum wage but also provide daytime shifts on weekends and during school breaks. See How Long Is Summer Break In The US?

Retail Sales Associate

Retail establishments employ high school students for part-time positions similar to the food service industry. It’s another entry-level job with minimal requirements, like having good communication skills because you’ll be interacting with customers most of the time.

Camp Counselor

Should High School Students Have Part-time Jobs? Pros & Cons

Another excellent summer job is working at a camp. Check to see if there are any camps in your area hiring counselors. Usually, there are open positions for both day camps and sleepaway camps. If you do well and enjoy your work, it’s usually easy to get hired back for another summer.

Car Wash Attendant

It’s possible to find high school or even college students for this straightforward entry-level position. Although it’s a simple job with perhaps modest pay, it’s still worth considering during their job search because the schedule is frequently flexible.

Lawn Care

Many high school students offer their lawn-mowing services to neighbors this spring and summer. If yours already takes care of your lawn, they can check to see if any elderly residents or anyone else who lives nearby needs assistance with theirs.

With their contact information and rates, they can create flyers to post around the neighborhood. It’s ideal for a quick weekend project.

Restaurant Crew Member

High school students are occasionally employed on a part-time basis by restaurants. Busser, dishwasher, and host/hostess are most likely open positions. If your teen is at all interested in the hospitality industry, a first job in that field would be a great way to get them started on their career path.

Conclusion: Working While Learning

Nearly 30% of high school students work for at least some of the academic year. Working a job often means having extra money for entertainment and socializing. Others must work in order to provide for their families or to put money aside for their children’s education.

High school students who work part-time often report having a great experience. It’s a fantastic way to learn time management skills and responsibility management. It’s critical to keep in mind that as a student, your education always comes first.


Why Do Students Work While Studying in the Philippines?

One of the reasons why Filipino students work while studying, according to Abenoja et al. (2019), is that they desire to develop themselves, and their quality of life, and gather experiences that they can apply in the future.

Why is It Important for Students to Work?

Students who work are more confident and possess better time-management skills than students who are not employed. A part-time job can offer experience and training in addition to a paycheck, some independence, and fulfillment.

Why is Being a Hard Working Student Important?

When kids work hard in school, they learn knowledge and develop skills. That boosts one’s self-esteem and confidence. Children who work hard are more prepared for higher levels of education. Good grades in middle and high school typically follow strong performance in elementary school.

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