Can You Get An Internship After College? Benefits to Know

Can You Get An Internship After College? Benefits to Know

We go over the advantages of a post-graduation internship, where to find one, and how it can help you advance your career.

Although a lot of people despise internships after college, they have many benefits. The skills you gain from internships can help you stand out from other applicants who are similarly qualified. They also help you build your resume.

Additionally, they help you prepare for fitting in when you eventually land a job by giving you an understanding of the activities and atmosphere of a real workplace.

This article outlines the advantages of interning after graduation as well as the steps to take when applying.

Can You Get An Internship After College?

After graduation, internships are an option. It is erroneously believed that internships are only available to current students. This is untrue, though. Graduates are also eligible to apply for internships, though there may not be as many available as for undergraduates.

You need to know where to look if you want to do an internship after graduation. Specific internship programs are developed by a number of organizations and businesses for recent college graduates.

They frequently use these internships as band-aid solutions because of a labor shortage. Graduate internships can also assist businesses in luring top talent.

Can You Get An Internship After College? Benefits to Know

The business or organization has the right to choose interns who have proven they are capable of performing well in particular roles at the conclusion of the internship. The program would have given you valuable on-the-job experience even if you didn’t land a job in the end.

Your resume will become stronger as a result of the experience thanks to the industry-relevant skills that may increase your chances of landing your first job.

Benefits of Interning After Graduation

The advantages of doing your internship after graduation are outlined for you below so that you can better understand them.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Trial and Error

Being recently out of college means you have time to experiment with different niches and industries. After graduation, your first internship might introduce you to a completely unrelated field to what you studied as an undergraduate.

Not only would you save a ton of time once you had a better understanding of your preferences in terms of a career, but you would also be able to adopt more specific career goals!

Professional Network

Obtaining an internship after graduation is a fantastic way for you to expand your professional network to include people around the world who share your interests.

It’s likely that you will meet and become acquainted with a number of seasoned professionals during your internship who might be able to assist you in finding your ideal job or provide you with insightful career advice! The adage “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is well known!

Can You Get An Internship After College? Benefits to Know


Following graduation, you’ll be paid to complete your internship! Even if your university offers comparable internships as a requirement for undergraduate courses, you are less likely to receive any financial compensation because, well, they are already giving you course credits so offering you payment would leave them at a loss which they have no reason to be!

How to Get An Internship After College in 7 Steps

Consider the following steps when applying for an internship after graduating:

Reflect on What You Need and Want from Internships

Consider what you need as a candidate and what you hope to gain from an internship before you begin your internship search. You can decide which internship is best for you once you have assessed your career objectives. When choosing a search strategy for an internship, take into account the areas you want to explore.

Research Internship Opportunities

To find the ideal internship for you, use job sites to research the opportunities. Think about and check out the websites and social media pages of the companies that interest you. If you want to pursue a specific career, look for an internship that provides training in the necessary skills.

Some of your peers may be employed full-time or have internships at companies that are always looking for talented young people in your field of interest. To find out more about open positions, request that your friends or relatives put you in touch with their manager or the hiring manager.

Can You Get An Internship After College? Benefits to Know

Additionally, if you ask your friends and acquaintances for recommendations, they’ll probably recommend you favorably to managers and executives at your prospective employers.

Prepare Internship Resumes

Create your resume by making it specifically for each internship. Take into account the internship you want and consider the qualities the company seeks in applicants first.

Although the company does not anticipate that you will start your internship with training, employers look for a certain set of credentials and abilities. Consider how you meet these requirements and emphasize those accomplishments on your resume.

List the keywords that best describe the position after reviewing the internship duties. For instance, a company might state that they require a proficient multitasker or a strong communicator. Put words that describe your skills in your resume.

Use Your College Career Center Counselors

Many universities have career centers with counselors who assist students in finding internships and employment opportunities. For assistance with your internship search, drop by the career center at your school. Additionally, look for any internships on the bulletin boards or the website of the career center.

Think about asking a counselor to look over your resume and internship application. If you make a meeting appointment, make notes about helpful criticism of your application that you can use later.

Speak to Professors and Mentors for References

Talk to your professors and role models about referencing you. When applying for an internship, a reference can help you establish your credibility. Employers prefer to talk to someone who is familiar with you, your work, and your qualifications.

Can You Get An Internship After College? Benefits to Know

The phone number and email address of your reference should be noted. In order for your references to be ready to respond to questions, let them know in advance that a company may contact them.

Email Companies About Internship Opportunities

Contact the organization directly if there is one you would like to intern for. Visit the business website to find the hiring manager’s contact information and the appropriate person to get in touch with. You make a connection with an employee when you email a hiring manager.

A discussion over email helps the hiring manager get to know you and what you might bring to the table as an intern. You have a person to talk to about potential work if you have inquiries or wish to follow up on your application.

It’s also possible that businesses won’t always be looking to hire interns. The fact that job searching necessitates confidence and risk-taking should not be overlooked, though. Continue trying and don’t give up if businesses don’t respond or respond negatively.

Apply to Many Internships

Consider your desired fields as you review various internship applications. Send out multiple applications to the appropriate companies. Your resume is shared with various employers by submitting several applications over time. Your chances of getting an internship increase as you apply for more positions.

List of Internships to Get After Graduation

Can You Get An Internship After College? Benefits to Know

Here is a list of internship opportunities for graduates:

  1. Brand Marketing Graduate Intern, Ocean Spray
  2. Graduate Pharmacy Intern, Hawks Prairie Pharmacy
  3. Human Services Intern, The Lexington Arc
  4. Accounting Intern, WillScot
  5. Analytics Intern, Porter Novelli
  6. Research Intern, JUST Capital
  7. Design Engineering Intern, CIVCO Radiotherapy
  8. GE Research – Graduate Fellow Internship
  9. Campus Graduate 2021 Marketing Summer Internship, American Express
  10. 2021 Summer Internship Program (Graduate Students), US Legislative Branch
  11. 2021 North America HAROLD Intern Program, BCW North America
  12. 2021 – Space Policy Graduate Intern, The Aerospace Corporation
  13. Safety Coordinator Intern and new College Graduate Program, Envise
  14. 2021 Summer Graduate Intern–Oncology–Development, ONCOLOGY
  15. Graduate Studies Program-Intelligence Analyst, CIA
  16. R&D Data Science Graduate Program, US, 2021, GlaxoSmithKline
  17. Health Care Analyst Graduate Intern, MITRE
  18. Corporate Underwriting Graduate Intern, First American

Conclusion: Get An Internship After College

An excellent way to start your dream career is through an internship. Now that we’ve answered your question “Is it possible to find an internship after college?”, start searching for jobs!

Our list of ways to find an internship after graduation has come to an end. Since this qualifies as an accomplishment, congratulations! We wish you the best of luck in locating and obtaining your ideal internships with your new knowledge of how to obtain one after graduating!


What is a Graduate Intern?

Graduate internships are a short-term period of work or work experience that usually leads to a permanent position, dependent on performance during this period. The internship’s format will depend on the sector, but it will typically involve closely monitored practical training.

Is It Okay to Do An Internship After Graduation?

Applying for internships after graduation is a valuable alternative to searching for full-time permanent positions if you’re unsure of your career path. In addition to giving you the experience that many employers want, internships can aid in network building.

Can I Do an Internship After Graduation in France?

Only currently enrolled degree-seeking students may register for an internship in France. A company, NGO/Non-Profit organization, the public sector, etc. are all possible internship locations. Without an internship contract (convention de stage), a student cannot intern.

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