Can You Go Back to Public School After Being Homeschooled? Tips

Can You Go Back to Public School After Being Homeschooled? Tips

We are here to support every family, including those who have decided to send their children to public school after first homeschooling.

Despite the fact that many families who try homeschooling never return, some families want or need to go back. There’s no need to fret or feel bad about it, whatever the cause.

To help you with the transition from homeschooling to public school, allow me to share some advice.

Can You Go Back to Public School After Being Homeschooled?

Yes, but a few different factors may play a role. Homeschooled students typically have the option of enrolling in public school at any grade level. It’s crucial to remember that public schools have unique requirements and standards that homeschooled students might not be familiar with.

Standardized tests, immunizations, and curriculums specific to a given state may be part of these requirements.

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The student’s age is a crucial consideration as well. Since they have not yet established a solid sense of routine and learning style, younger students may adjust to public school more easily.

However, because they are used to a more individualized and adaptable learning environment, older students may find it more challenging to make the transition.

Can You Go Back to Public School After Being Homeschooled? Tips

It’s also important to keep in mind that moving from homeschooling to public school can be difficult on both an academic and social level. With the pace and structure of public school, some students who are used to learning at their own pace and in their own way may have difficulty.

Additionally, group projects, presentations, and social interactions—all of which are common in public schools—might be unfamiliar to homeschooled students.

Compare homeschooling and public schools:

Transitioning from Homeschooling to Public School

Do you have questions about transitioning from home to public education? Here are some practical tips and steps to take:

  1. Check your state’s homeschool laws to see if you must inform your state or local school district of your decision to stop homeschooling. The first step is to understand the state requirements.
  2. If your student is a high school student, get in touch with the school to learn more about their policies on credit transfer and grade placement.
  3. Bring any recent evaluations or assessments your student has received, along with your homeschool portfolio, to the meeting with the school staff.
  4. Fill out all enrollment paperwork, and buy any supplies your child’s teachers have requested.

Tips for Sending Your Child Back to School After Homeschooling

Talk to Your Kids

Talk to your child first, of course. Everyone in your family needs to agree, whether the decision is made by you or your child. Before going back to a regular school, you will need to get ready, and everyone in the family needs to be aware of their responsibilities.

While maintaining reasonable expectations, be upbeat about the entire process and emphasize the benefits.

The transition may take longer than you would like and may not go as smoothly as anticipated. But if you’re ready for anything that might happen, the process will go more smoothly.

Can You Go Back to Public School After Being Homeschooled? Tips

Talk to Other Parents

Families who have also transitioned from homeschooling to public education may be found; they will be able to help you.

You might also want to have a conversation with the parents of the students at the public school that you want your child to attend. They can also be beneficial and acquaint you with the setting, conditions, academic staff, etc.

Making friends and looking forward to attending class with other kids from the neighborhood public school can also be beneficial for your child.

Keep Detailed Records

You will be required to submit reports or records when applying to a new school, whether it is public or private. The more information in your records, the better, even if you have to explain the differences between conventional reports and homeschool records.

It’s beneficial to have your attendance record, project portfolios, or the curriculum you followed in previous years. Additionally, you can discuss the homeschooling strategy you employed. You might be required to submit a transcript and any test results your child has taken for high school students.

Choose the School

After homeschooling, you might want to think about attending a public school, a private school, a Christian or Catholic school, a charter school, a micro-school, or a boarding school. Do your research and pick the one that best suits the dynamics of your particular family.

Make sure you are aware of the admissions requirements for the school. You might need to take a placement test, provide proof of residency, pass an immunization requirement, provide a copy of your birth certificate, and other things. To prepare all of your papers and prevent last-minute surprises, schedule a meeting with the school well in advance of the switching time.

Can You Go Back to Public School After Being Homeschooled? Tips

Your child might be better prepared if they are aware of the curriculum and level requirements.

Choose the Right Time

Even though switching from homeschooling to public school in the middle of the year may not be ideal. On the contrary, if you pick the right moment, the transition might be simpler.

It is simpler to move between some levels than others. Early elementary school students, for instance, typically adjust more quickly, but you could also transition smoothly from elementary to 7th grade or from 9th grade to start high school. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you can transition at any level with the right preparation.

Know Your State Laws

For a smooth transition, being aware of your state’s homeschooling regulations is crucial. The requirements to transition from homeschooling to public school may differ depending on where you live—in Tennessee, Missouri, or Florida, for example.

To learn more about specific homeschool laws, I suggest visiting the DOE website of the state where you want to switch.

Notify the State

Your decision to switch from homeschooling to public school may need to be reported to the state or the local school district in some states. Check the homeschooling laws in your state once more to see if you need to file an official notice.

Establish a Traditional Routine

Look at your homeschool schedule before the big change, and establish a routine, especially in the morning. With consistent wake-up times, a more rigid schedule, and regular intervals, it should be as similar to a traditional school schedule as possible.

Can You Go Back to Public School After Being Homeschooled? Tips

Homeschooling hours are typically different from regular school hours, and the school day lasts longer. Consequently, it’s crucial to adapt to these changes.

Check Your Child’s Level

Knowing your child’s actual level is important because they may be on par with or behind their peers. There are many ways to assess your child, but if you want to enroll them in a traditional school, you should focus on standardized tests.

How to get your child of any age ready for a standardized test and where to find a testing location are both covered on the HSLDA website. To assess your child’s proficiency and obtain official confirmation, you can also take a look at the standardized homeschool tests Abeka offers.

Prepare Yourself

You may find it difficult to let your child go. However, up until this point, you were in charge of your child’s education and spent a lot of time with him. Having to concentrate on yourself again might be difficult.

If you already homeschooled your child while maintaining a full-time job, the transition might be easier. If not, create a plan for yourself as well. Do whatever will make you happy, whether it be finding a new job, a hobby, or learning a foreign language.

You are simply given the chance to enter a new stage of your life earlier since your child was going to leave home and attend college at some point anyway.

Conclusion: Transitioning from Homeschooling to Public School

Do you currently have fewer concerns about the change? Keep in mind that the easier the transition will be for you and your child, the earlier you start preparing. Foster the best possible adjustment for your child.

You are not alone in your anxiety, which is common. Keep a positive outlook at all times and don’t be afraid to ask for assistance.


How Do I Transfer from Homeschool to Public School in Florida?

In the future, you might decide to stop homeschooling your child and re-enroll him or her in the public (or private) educational system. In Florida, this simply involves submitting a letter of termination to the school district superintendent.

Does Harvard Accept Homeschoolers?

Each applicant to Harvard College is considered with great care and homeschooled applicants are treated the same as all other applicants. There is no special procedure, but we do appreciate any pertinent information you can provide about your academic and personal history.

Is Unschooling Legal in Florida?

Unschooling is perfectly legal in Florida. If you want to use the student-led unschooling method, you are free to do so since the state has no requirements regarding the tools or teaching strategies used.

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