Can You Go to College With a GED? 2023 Guide

Can You Go to College With a GED? 2023 Guide

If you want to enter a college but you only have a GED, you may wonder whether it is enough for you to apply to a college. Read and learn how to get into a college with a GED.

Can a GED be used to enroll in college? People who never finished high school but want to attend college frequently ask this question. Many people think they have no chance of getting into college because they never completed high school. We’re glad to inform you that this is untrue if you fall into this category.

A GED entitles you to attend college. You have a plethora of college options. Actually, 98% of colleges accept GED holders as applicants. Once you’re there, you can finish your degree and move forward toward a rewarding career.

Before you begin sending out applications, use the advice below.

Can You Go to College With a GED?

With a GED, you can indeed enroll in college. Your ability to attend any college, though, may be limited. There are some colleges and universities out there that won’t accept applicants without either a high school diploma or a home school completion certificate, but there aren’t many.

In fact, according to the GED Testing Service, nearly all colleges and universities now accept GED holders in place of traditional high school graduates. However, even if you are admitted, there may still be a few additional steps you need to complete for some schools.

For instance, if you have a GED rather than a traditional high school diploma, you might need to take the college’s placement test or submit a high enough ACT or SAT score to the institution to show that you are capable of taking college-level courses.

Your performance on a placement test will determine where you will be enrolled in college courses: regular or remedial.

Before being allowed to enroll in regular college courses in those subjects, you must first complete any or all remedial courses in the core subjects without receiving college credit for them.

Can You Go to College With a GED? 2023 Guide

What Colleges Accept the GED Diploma?

According to the GED Testing Service, almost 98% of colleges in the United States accept the GED diploma. This includes public, private, and community colleges as well as vocational schools. After receiving a GED certificate, college students can enroll in courses online or in person.

Community, Junior, and Technical Colleges

A high school diploma or GED is not required for admission to these colleges. Attending can give you a great start in college because you can:

  • Get experience taking college-level classes
  • Take classes to earn your GED (if you haven’t completed your testing)
  • Complete your general education requirements
  • Learn job skills
  • Earn an associate’s degree or a skill certification
  • Build a solid GPA (grade point average) that can help you get into a bachelor’s degree program later

Online Colleges

Before submitting an application to an online college, do some research and determine whether the institution is officially accredited, which indicates that a significant outside organization has examined and verified its academic practices.

A degree from an accredited institution is worth something, but most of the time degrees from unaccredited institutions are not.

Four-Year Traditional Colleges

Can You Go to College With a GED? 2023 Guide

A GED allows you to enroll in a traditional college. However, a small percentage of colleges and universities do not accept GEDs. Here are some things to look for before applying:

  • Check colleges’ websites and materials to see if they mention accepting applicants with GEDs
  • Check if accepted GEDs must be from the same state as the college
  • If so, earn your GED in the same state as the college(s) you want to attend or apply only to colleges in your home state

More advice on college applications, interview help, and salary guides are available if you have a account.

How Do I Apply to College With a GED?

Applying for college admissions with a GED is very similar to applying with a diploma.

Step One: Research

Look around to find the ideal college for you. You should search for a school that is affordable, nearby (or online) and offers the course of study you want. Once you’ve located it, make sure they accept GED holders by looking at their admissions requirements. (Most do!)

Step Two: Check Admission Requirements

Make sure you comply with all admissions requirements next. Present all required documentation. This typically entails filling out an application, sending a copy of your GED transcripts and test results, as well as presenting identification and residency documentation.

Pay the application fee right away if there is one, or ask for a fee waiver. Fill out the FAFSA as soon as possible, especially if you’re hoping for a scholarship, as most schools also require it.

Can You Go to College With a GED? 2023 Guide

Step Three: Check Your Inbox

Observe any correspondence the school may send you. Despite the majority of colleges using email, some still communicate by postal mail. Make sure you read everything they send you, and if they say something is missing, send it to them right away.

Step Four: Paying for College

The last step is to pay for college once you’ve been admitted. It will be applied before any grants or scholarships you may have received. The remaining balance is due immediately.

GED Test Scoring

GED test scores come in ranges, or tiers: 145 is needed to pass and earn the high school equivalency certificate; a score of 165 – 174 is called “GED College Ready” and is considered a demonstration of college readiness; and a score of 175 – 200 is called “College Ready + Credit”.

This score may be eligible for college credit in addition to demonstrating readiness for college, as indicated by the College Ready + Credit designation.

To enter college with a GED, students must achieve GED scores of at least 165. The GED Testing Service is responsible for giving GED exams.

Is a GED the Same as a High School Diploma?

A high school diploma and a GED are not equivalent. However, the admissions offices of many colleges frequently accept either GEDs or diplomas as proof of education.

Can You Go to College With a GED? 2023 Guide

Furthermore, if you’re filling out a job application, it will usually have the two listed together in the education section as “High School Diploma/GED” or “or an equivalent, a high school diploma.”

Often, this leads people to believe that the two things are interchangeable. A GED is not exactly the same as a high school diploma, though, strictly speaking.

Upon successfully completing high school, you are given a diploma. It’s a symbol that you’ve achieved a “formal education.” You participated in regular or honors high school courses, and you obtained the necessary grades to graduate.

GED, on the other hand, stands for “General Educational Development” or – depending on who you ask – “equivalent graduate degree.”

Further Reading: What is Easier to Get, a GED Or a High School Diploma?

A GED is not evidence that you had a formal education. Instead, it demonstrates your ability to succeed on a battery of exams covering math, science, social studies, reading, and writing, which are equivalent to the knowledge you ought to have learned in high school.

Technically, they differ because of that. As we’ve already mentioned, both are nearly equal when applying for jobs, community or state colleges, trade schools, and even some four-year and Ivy League universities.

When requesting federal grants and loans, they are both regarded as acceptable.

Conclusion: Go to College With a GED

So, is a GED required for college? Yes, you can enroll and eventually complete your desired degree or certificate. Utilize the advice above to choose the kind of college experience that is best for you and make a list of the schools you ought to apply to.

If you’re willing to put in the effort, you can attend a big, prestigious university or stay close to home while only using your GED.

Nobody has to be defined by their high school dropout status. Use this chance to enroll in a great college that meets your needs. Most colleges have a straightforward process for applying for admission, and you can complete it quickly and easily online.


Can You Go to Community College With a GED?

A GED does allow you to enroll in community college. In actuality, an open admissions policy is followed by the majority of community colleges.

Which University Accept GED in Thailand?

All Thai universities accept the GED diploma as part of their entrance requirements including Bangkok’s big players: Chulalongkorn University, Thammasat University, and Mahidol University to name a few.

Which Universities in the UK Accept GED?

GED graduates can start a UK University Foundation Program at Bellerby’s College in London, Brighton, Oxford, or Cambridge. After that, students can choose from more than 75% of UK universities to pursue a BA degree.

Can You Get into MIT With a GED?

Specifically, can someone with a GED (General Educational Development) certificate enroll at MIT? The answer is yes, but there are certain conditions that must be met in order for an individual with a GED to be admitted into the university. A GED holder must first have an impressive academic background.

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