Do Colleges Look at Your Middle School Grades?

Do Colleges Look at Your Middle School Grades?

Continue reading to learn whether colleges look at your middle school grades and how you can start preparing for college while still in middle school.

Should you be concerned that a subpar middle school grade will harm your chances of getting into college in the future? Do grades from middle school count toward college? Many people are curious as to whether colleges consider applicants’ grades from middle school as the competition for college admissions increases and students start preparing for college earlier and earlier.

We go over whether colleges consider middle school grades, which grades colleges are most interested in, and everything a middle school student can do to get ready for the college application process in this guide.

Do Colleges Look at Middle School Grades?

Your college application will not include information about your middle school grades. No college, not even one with a fiercely competitive admissions process, will be checking your middle school grades.

There are a number of causes for this. The main one is that your middle school grades will have occurred too recently for colleges to accurately understand the student you are now when you apply to college.

When you apply to colleges at the ages of 17 or 18, colleges really have no idea what kind of student you are if they see that you received a D in science when you were only 12 years old. You’ve had years to improve your study habits and master new material, so penalizing you for something that happened years ago would be unfair. Middle school grades simply happened too long ago to be very useful.

Do Colleges Look at Your Middle School Grades?

Additionally, middle school grades are frequently more arbitrary than high school grades. The grading system at one middle school may be very different from that at another, and some teachers may give all of their students As while others may be very strict.

Things like this can happen in high school too, but it’s more prevalent in middle school, which makes it harder for colleges to compare the grades of students who went to different middle schools.

Colleges don’t need your middle school grades because they have plenty of other information that can be used to determine what kind of student you are. When you apply to colleges, they typically require a ton of documents, such as your high school transcript, standardized test results, information about your extracurricular activities, personal statements, and letters of recommendation.

This is enough for them to get a good idea of who you are and what type of student you are. Grades from middle school wouldn’t provide any useful information.

Which Grades Do Colleges Look At?

Colleges won’t be looking at your middle school grades, but they will be very interested in all the grades you got in high school. When you apply to colleges, you’ll submit a transcript that includes the grades you got in the first three years of high school, and many schools also require you to submit your senior grades once you get them.

Every grade you earned in high school will be taken into consideration by colleges, so a solid high school transcript is ideal. There are some grades, though, that colleges value more than others. In general, junior year grades are what colleges are most interested in.

Do Colleges Look at Your Middle School Grades?

They are the most recent grades the college has access to when you apply in the fall of your senior year, giving them the best idea of your current skills. Therefore, these grades are the most crucial.

Colleges will notice that, while you may have struggled at first, you eventually overcame those difficulties and were able to maintain a high GPA. An example of this would be if you received a few low grades in your freshman year but then turned around and received high grades the rest of your high school career. They are assured that you are on track to be a successful college student because of this.

On the other hand, if you started high school with a strong GPA but have steadily gotten lower grades, especially in your junior year, colleges might be more concerned that you’re finding it difficult to keep up with the harder classes, that you’re losing motivation or both. Having high grades your junior year will give colleges confidence that you can succeed as a student that their school.

What significance do you assign to your high school grades from previous years? Although some colleges make admissions decisions before your senior year grades are released, senior year grades are probably the next most crucial factor.

Don’t succumb to senioritis and begin coasting through your senior year of high school because many colleges will still ask for your senior grades after they’ve accepted you. Then comes freshman grades, and then sophomore grades.

How Important Are Middle School Grades?

Grades in middle school matter a lot. A student’s middle school years are formative, both personally and academically. Working hard and doing well in middle school develop habits that improve your chances of succeeding in high school and college.

In middle school, you will start to build the fundamental academic skills you will need for success in later years. The development of independent and critical thinking skills begins in middle school and is crucial for one’s future academic success.

As you enter high school and beyond, it is much simpler to keep working on and improving skills rather than start from scratch. Therefore, middle school grades are significant.

How to Improve Middle School Grades?

Do Colleges Look at Your Middle School Grades?

Here are some pointers that parents and students can use to raise middle school grades and get ready for success in high school and college.

Develop Good Study Habits

Establish the practice of using a planner. Students can select a planner that suits them out of the countless paper and online options available. Student time management and deadline monitoring are both facilitated by a planner. Middle school is the ideal setting for developing these skills because updating a planner requires practice.

Consider Hiring a Tutor

Students can get back on track with the aid of an online tutor. A tutor can assist students in identifying their academic weaknesses and overcoming these difficulties, whether they struggle in one or several subjects.

Focus Less on the Grades

Parents should address academic and personal difficulties for their children since middle school grades will not be taken into account when applying to colleges. This will help children feel more confident when they begin high school. Parents can support their children in identifying their biggest obstacles and collaborating to overcome them.

Offer Rewards

Everyone likes a reward for a job well done. If their child achieves or exceeds predetermined goals, parents may provide a reward or incentive. Students who receive rewards feel more accomplished and motivated.

Conclusion: Study Hard in Middle School

Do colleges look at middle school grades? No, it’s too late to accurately tell colleges about your current academic abilities based on your middle school grades. Colleges have many other pieces of information that are much more useful for figuring out which applicants to accept, so they don’t use middle school grades.

Middle school years are crucial to your future academic success even though colleges might not take them into consideration. To enroll in challenging high school courses that will stand out on your college application, you must earn good grades in middle school.


Which Grades Are Most Important?

Most college admissions committees consider your 11th-grade transcript to be the most important.

Does Harvard Look at Middle School Grades?

No, Harvard does not look at middle school grades. However, developing good study habits and work ethic during middle school can build the foundations for your high school marks and academic achievements that Harvard will look at.

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