How Long is An Essay in 8th Grade? Writing Tips

How Long is An Essay in 8th Grade? Writing Tips

Learn how long an essay should be in eighth grade and how to write a great essay by reading this article.

How long should an essay be in eighth grade? The format and the particular type of writing have a small impact on the length of the eighth-grade essay. However, the 8th-grade essay length varies from approximately 500 to 800 words. You must express yourself clearly and make all necessary points within this framework.

To help you write an essay in the eighth grade, we’ve prepared this list of imaginative topics, examples, and writing advice.

How Long is An Essay in 8th Grade?

An essay for an eighth grade should be between 500 and 800 words long. In the eighth-grade essay, each paragraph must contain a minimum of 8 sentences. Additionally, keep in mind that the sentences are mostly complex or compound, flawless, and coherent. Also, keep in mind to use specific language to connect the sentences and paragraphs. Learn How Long is An Essay in 6th and 7th Grade.

To write an excellent 8th-grade essay, you should:

  1. Select a worthwhile subject, then decide how you will approach the issue.
  2. Create an outline.
  3. Formulate a succinct and clear thesis statement.
  4. If the essay type requires it, come up with at least three solid arguments.
  5. Impress your audience with a solid conclusion. Remember to proofread!
How Long is An Essay in 8th Grade? Writing Tips

What is the 8th-Grade Essay Format?

You’ll learn what goes into an essay for the eighth grade in this section. You’ve entered a completely new level, which is the first thing to keep in mind. Therefore, your writing is longer and more complex than it was during your earlier academic years.

Beginning with the structure The fundamental parts are the same as in any type of essay:

  • Introduction: An intro should contain something intriguing to catch your audience’s attention. It’s typically a hook or an opening sentence that piques readers’ interest in your essay. The next significant part of your introduction is the thesis statement. The reader learns about the topic of your essay from your paper’s central idea.
  • Body paragraphs: Body paragraphs contain supportive arguments and evidence. They need to be reliable and convincing.
  • Conclusion: After everything is written, you are to concludethe ideas you’ve delivered.

How to Write An Excellent Essay?

You can learn the easiest and most practical advice for writing an essay for the eighth grade in this section. Anyone in the eighth grade should be aware of these things.


  • To find justifications and supporting information, look for trustworthy sources.
  • Try to incite enthusiasm for writing; it will undoubtedly make the process easier for you.
  • If you have a choice, pick the subject that most interests you.
  • Use formal language, appropriate grammar, specific terms, and consistent phrases.
  • Make your points more compelling by referencing credible quotations.
How Long is An Essay in 8th Grade? Writing Tips


  • Write clearly; an essay is a story. It ought to be exciting and reliable.
  • Don’t make all your examples too similar: diversity is of the essence.
  • Use graphic tools to emphasize the most important points in your text to avoid having it appear like an unreadable mess of words.
  • Use only trustworthy sources and websites when citing information.
  • Do not be afraid to express yourself honestly. Your eighth-grade essay is distinctive because of who you are and what you think.
  • Don’t forget to edit your text once you’ve finished writing it.

Eighth Grade Essay Types

During middle school, we assume that you encounter various kinds of assignments. There were indeed descriptive and narrative essays among them. However, now you are to face other exciting formats of writing. Get to know a few new types in the section below.

Informative and Explanatory Writing

In their informative and explanatory papers, students use formal language to explain complex topics with relevant data, precise ideas, and logical analyses. A captivating introduction that gives a sneak peek at the subject matter should be the first step for children. They then present information that is well-organized and supported by data from reliable sources. Eighth graders should use a variety of “strategy tools,” including:

  • information classification.
  • Defining terms.
  • utilizing transitional, academic, and subject-specific vocabulary words.
  • Quoting sources.
  • Factual information is included.
  • Making comparisons.
  • comparison of various circumstances.
  • describing the causes and effects of relationships.
  • including multimedia and graphics (charts, tables, and pictures).
  • Using headings and bullet points for formatting.

The final paragraph should provide a summary of the essay’s main idea. Your child’s papers are likely to cover topics that students are familiar with — but still need to research in order to answer, like What are some ways we can conserve water in a drought? Or Explain how a specific invention has changed your life.

Narrative Writing

Eighth graders write narratives or stories that describe events in their lives (personal histories, memoirs) or imagined scenarios (fiction, fantasy). Effective storytelling strategies are taught to junior J.K. Rowlings, including how to introduce the narrator and characters, set the scene, and convey a point of view.

How Long is An Essay in 8th Grade? Writing Tips

Students work on letting the events flow naturally, developing the characters’ personalities, and creating a compelling plot through the characters’ deeds, words, and thoughts.

Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is a piece of writing in which you present a claim and support it with convincing evidence. At this point, your goal is to persuade readers to agree with your viewpoint while they read.

You should provide specific data in your argumentative essay to support your position, such as statistics, figures, research studies, and polls.

Persuasive Essay

Similar to writing an argumentative essay, a persuasive essay is persuasive. There, you must choose a topic that is particularly pressing and form a strong opinion on it. Making your audience believe you are the main objective, just like in an argumentative essay.

Remember the three essentials of persuasive writing:

  • It is clear that Logos appeals to logic. Clearly and logically communicate your ideas.
  • By appealing to the reader’s sense of morality and ethics, ethos aims to persuade them.
  • Pathos aids in emotional persuasion.

Conclusion: How Long is An Essay in 8th Grade?

In eighth grade, how long should an essay be? 500 to 800 words are enough. You should write an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The number of paragraphs should never be less than 8 sentences in one.

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