Is Community College Good? 6 Reasons to Consider Community College

Is Community College Good? 6 Reasons to Consider Community College

Here are six reasons to consider if you’re thinking about attending community college.

With the cost of traditional 4-year college rising, even among public universities, paying for college has become a burden for many families. But there’s one place students can trust to keep their student loan debt low, and prepare them for a great career or transfer to a 4-year college – their local community college.

Here are 6 good reasons to choose community college.

A Lot of Educational Flexibility

The advantages community colleges provide are one of the reasons you should attend one. Without mentioning flexibility, no definition of a community college is complete. What is a community college if not very hospitable? Further Reading: Can You Get Rejected from a Community College?

Due to the fact that many community college students are adults with jobs or other adult responsibilities that must be attended to while they learn, these colleges frequently offer very flexible schedules. More readily than other institutions, a community college may offer evening, weekend, and online classes.

For those who aren’t yet certain what kind of advanced degree they want to pursue, community colleges also provide academic flexibility. As they learn, they can accumulate general credits or credits for a future baccalaureate program. The answer to the question of what constitutes a community college can differ from person to person due to the level of flexibility provided by these institutions.

Is Community College Good? 6 Reasons to Consider Community College

In addition, these institutions offer a wider range of online services and programs. Even more, flexibility is provided by the fact that many students who attend community college can continue to live at home rather than on campus.

Prepares Students for the Workforce

Many community colleges offer programs that are especially intended to get students ready for the workforce. In this way, a community college frequently serves as a trade school or program for job training. Why attend a community college? Because community colleges frequently have close ties to their communities.

In order to help the schools create educational offerings that will help students immediately enter the local workforce, many of these schools will provide programs that have input from local professional organizations and businesses.

For those who intend to find employment locally and stay in their states or counties, this type of training in the local industry can be extremely beneficial. A community college must have connections to the local business community.

A Path to a Four-year College

With the nearby community colleges, many four-year universities have transfer agreements. Through these agreements, students who satisfy certain requirements can quickly transfer into a four-year program at a nearby university. See Is It Better to Go to Community College First, Then Transfer?

Transfer students can then earn a bachelor’s degree while only having to pay two years of higher tuition.

If you earn an associate’s degree at a community college, you can transfer to a four-year university as a junior. So you take your general education and you don’t have to redo it or add on classes at the four-year (college).

Is Community College Good? 6 Reasons to Consider Community College

You Can Receive Financial Aid

Is community college free? Financial aid is not just for college students, though it almost is. In fact, most people do not realize that more financial aid is disbursed to community college students than it is to university students.

Top this with the fact that community colleges are already cheaper to start off with and you have a solid case in favor of them. With a very high chance of success, many students apply for numerous federal and state aid programs, grants, and scholarships like FAFSA.

Lower Costs

Community colleges’ reasonably low tuition costs are one of their most frequently mentioned advantages. Cost is unquestionably one of the main factors that should influence someone’s decision to attend a community college.

Approximately one-third of in-state tuition at four-year public universities is what community colleges typically cost, according to data from the College Board. For instance, tuition and fees (without financial aid) for Washington residents attending North Seattle College will be just over $4,100 per year. On the other hand, students at the University of Washington—Seattle will pay just over $12,000 a year.

Additionally, the majority of community colleges have resources to assist students in removing any financial barriers to attending college, and they frequently offer their students generous financial aid and scholarships.

Offer Networking and Programs That Help Students Achieve More

Is Community College Good? 6 Reasons to Consider Community College

Why do people go to community college? Affordability is the main response. The reason to attend a community college, however, may go beyond the cost of tuition. Remember that community colleges offer a lot more than most people realize if you’re wondering why you should enroll.

A community college is a great place to network, especially with individuals who have the potential to become local business influencers. Additionally, community colleges frequently provide programs that can help a student succeed, such as internships, mentoring programs, and other initiatives.

Conclusion: is Community College Good?

There are many reasons to include community college on your list, whether you’re a high school student unsure of which colleges to apply to or an adult thinking about returning to school.

Why is community college beneficial? The good news is that this article covered a lot of the fantastic benefits that community colleges can provide to you as a student. So you should definitely think about attending a community college if you intend to begin your post-secondary education.


Are Community College Degrees Worth It?

Yes. Many students enroll in community college in order to quickly complete an associate’s degree and make over $50,000. Even better, if they so choose, they can transfer to a university and eventually finish a bachelor’s degree.

What is the Downside of Community College?

Most likely, you’ll need to enroll in a four-year university. Community colleges typically offer dozens of degrees and certificates, but they don’t have as much variety as four-year colleges. Community colleges, on the other hand, provide more programs in trades and technology.

Can You Be Successful After Community College?

It can be tough to navigate the process successfully, but students who persevere through a transfer do just as well as those who started at four-year schools.

Do Community Colleges Accept Everyone?

A community college with open admissions accepts almost everyone who applies. Community colleges may, however, have a selective admissions policy for some highly sought-after programs, like nursing. There are typically alternative options available, though, if a student is not eligible for a particular program.

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