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13 Best Coding Programs for Middle School Students in 2022

The ideal time to introduce students to coding is in middle school, but by that point, their levels of familiarity may vary. These coding courses and tutorials have been carefully chosen by us for use with students at all levels.

We think middle school is the ideal age for children to begin learning to code, as you might have guessed from the title of this article. Starting now is the ideal age because it’s neither too early nor too late.

Does this imply that a child will fail whether they begin in middle school or later? Remember, there are numerous varieties of coding programs available, and each one is slightly unique. Some programs are more effective for children in lower grades, while others are more effective for teenagers.

Your children can still learn how to code, regardless of their age! Check out these thirteen coding programs!


Python coding is now widely taught in programs for middle schools. As one of the most widely used programming languages today, coding schools have begun incorporating it into their curricula. For instance, Codakid uses a variety of engaging games and entertaining projects to instruct kids in Python coding.


Java is a high-level programming language similar to Python that is currently used by professionals and actual programmers. They could learn to read and write text-based Java on their own if you enrolled your children in a program while they were still in middle school.

Java has become much more engaging and kid-friendly thanks to coding programs like Codakid, which use well-known video games like Minecraft.


One of the most sought-after and lucrative skills on the job market right now is the ability to code in JavaScript. In fact, more than half of the content you see on the web is written in JavaScript! The coding language is what makes web pages clickable or interactive.

JavaScript can open up many doors for your child in the future and help them land a fantastic job in a competitive market if they are able to dive in and master this coding language.

Juni Learning

This company not only offers courses in coding but also a wide range of other complex coding subjects, such as robotics. In-depth, individually tailored training in core coding skills is provided by Juni Learning while taking student interests into account. Students enjoy project-based learning and coding challenges.

This location is perfect if you’re looking for a virtual camp or private, tailored instruction! The teachers collaborate with the students to provide the fundamentals of coding and incorporate their interests and learning styles into the curriculum. They work with kids between the ages of 4 and 12.

Coding With Kids

Since 2013, Coding with Kids has provided kids who want to learn the fundamentals of coding with strong support. They are dedicated to excellence and provide both small-group classes and private instruction. Depending on the learning path you select for your student, basic coding levels and even advanced concepts are covered.


Coditum provides modules that let students learn at their own pace and is intended for middle school programs. Students use platforms that are used in real life because the real-world application is valued here. They are devoted to mentoring students both offline and online.


Make learning about coding enjoyable for students while incorporating math and science along the way. Middle school students have found the classroom curriculum to be efficient and interesting. CodeMonkey provides advanced courses for development and creation, block coding, and text-based coding.

John Hopkins University Scratch Programming

While learning the fundamentals of the well-known Scratch programming language, students will enjoy this three-month course. Students enjoy learning because they can use games and interactives while doing so.

No prior coding experience is necessary, but it’s important to keep in mind that this program was designed for students in grades 6 through 8 and is only available to those who qualify based on test results.

Google for Education

Google offers instruction for students in elementary school all the way up to high school graduates, offering a wide variety of courses and classes. Students can learn in an engaging environment by studying the fundamentals and rudiments of computer sciences. This learning can be facilitated by teachers of any skill level! You can learn, too!

Grasshopper App

This app is convenient and easy to use, making it excellent for beginners. The very fundamentals are covered in the curriculum before moving on to more complex subjects. Throughout the process, it encourages learners and monitors their progress to keep them motivated.


This program is very well-liked by middle schoolers and has amazing results whether it is used in middle school classrooms or at home with middle schoolers. The projects and development concepts have received excellent feedback from active users.

This is a fantastic option for all learners from elementary school to college, whether they are a novice or experienced coders. Check out everything they have to offer!


This Apple-designed app has a great deal of learning appeal. It is perfect for newbies or experienced coders. Students are successfully drawn into the interesting curriculum by the cool animations.

Lesson plans that incorporate coding tools and a 3D game model use the concept of a puzzle game to actively engage students in learning how to code.

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