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Is B+ a Good Grade In Middle School?

Discover whether B+ is a good grade in middle school and how to change your B+ grade into a higher one. We also provide information about what universities you can apply to if you have B+.

You should always keep track of your grades while you are a student. On the other hand, grading practices can vary greatly depending on where you go. Chances of admission into a reputable college increase with a grade point average.

However, just because you received a B+ doesn’t mean you have to accept a degree from a subpar university. Many prestigious colleges, including state flagship universities, admit students with a B+, making it possible for them to attend.

Read this article and you can learn how to get good grades in middle school.

Is B+ a Good Grade In Middle School?

B+ is a good high school grade. The grade is actually above average for a high school student. 87% to 89% is what a B+ is equivalent to. It also equates to a 3.3 GPA. B+ students have a good chance of being admitted into a number of reputable colleges and universities because it signifies strong performance.


Early in the 20th century, high schools in the US started substituting letter grades for various forms of evaluation.

Grading systems frequently vary from one high school to the next. The letter grade scale is the most widely used grading system, though. It consists of the letters A through F, with A denoting excellence, B denoting above average, C denoting averageness, D denoting below averageness, and F denoting failure. From 0 to 100 or a percentile, letter grades are assigned.

States may have different definitions of a failing grade. For instance, in Texas and Virginia, a D is regarded as a failing grade. In Hawaii, however, a D is a passing grade in some classes and a failing grade in others.

No matter where you are in the US, a B+ is hardly a failing grade.

In fact, as was already mentioned, it’s a good grade for a high school student to receive. B+ is also sufficient to gain admission to a number of respectable colleges and universities; some even have high rankings on some of the most well-known and reliable college ranking websites!

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Why a B+ Isn’t Bad by High School Standards?

A B+ is typically more than acceptable for a high school course. In light of this, don’t panic if you see a B+ on your high school transcript. Due to the following factors, you can still succeed in high school even with a few B+ grades.

A B+ Grade is above the Average

A B+ isn’t the highly sought-after A+ you were hoping for, but it’s also not something to be laughed at either. Recent statistics show that the average high school student has a GPA of between 2.6 and 3.0, which corresponds to a letter grade between a B- and a B.

To put that into perspective, earning a B+ would place you at the top of the class for all high school students in America. That certainly wasn’t a simple task!

Additionally, when looking at the letter grading scale as a whole, it’s much simpler to fall below the B+ cutoff than to rise above it. According to the majority of grading scales, a B+ is defined as any grade that is higher than 87% (source).

Therefore, it would be extremely unlikely that you would choose an amount between 0 and 100 on the grading scale by chance if you were to choose an amount of 87% or higher. In actuality, choosing a number well below 87% would be the most likely result from the standpoint of probability.

Nevertheless, a significant number of high schoolers overlook this fact because they’re so fixated on the “A or bust” mentality. Setting high academic standards can motivate you to perform better, but if you’re not careful, they can also have the opposite effect. So keep in mind that you’re performing above average the next time you receive a B+ in a class.

Can Get into Reputable Colleges With B+’s

Students’ main worry with B+ grades is that they won’t be admitted to the college or university of their choice. They believe they won’t be accepted to a prestigious institution because of one B+, which is untrue.

In actuality, getting a few B+s here and there won’t hurt your chances of getting into college. With the exception of a few Ivy League institutions, high school applicants who have B+s on their transcripts are still strong candidates.

While it’s possible that grades play a big role in college applications, they’re not everything. There are several other variables admission officers look for in college applicants besides letter grades, including but not limited to:

Is B+ a Good Grade In Middle School?
  • Community service hours
  • Extracurricular commitments
  • Legacy status
  • The overall difficulty of classes
  • Quality of high school education
  • Quality of interview (if applicable)
  • Standardized test scores (ACT or SAT)
  • Strength of application essay(s)

Straight-A students may initially appear impressive on paper, but they are uncomparably outclassed by students who are well-rounded in terms of their academic performance, extracurricular involvement, and standardized test performance.

How Many B+’s Are Too Many in Middle School?

Although there is no such thing as “too many B+s” in middle school, you should be aware that your high school grades are probably going to mirror your middle school grades. This means that you should push yourself to achieve straight As in middle school if you want to achieve straight As in high school.

Middle school is the time to develop better study habits; do not concentrate on the grades you are receiving in return. In the long run, your overall academic trajectory is what really matters when it comes to grades.

For instance, if you want to get A’s in high school but enter middle school primarily receiving C’s, you should put in the effort to finish middle school primarily receiving A’s.

The importance of grades will probably be emphasized to you repeatedly throughout high school, but once you enter college, they don’t matter nearly as much.

Your middle school grades can be compared to your high school grades in a similar way. It is in no way productive to worry about how many Bs you got in middle school.

What is the GPA of a B+ student?

A student with a B+ in high school would have a GPA of 3.3. But a B+ high school student has a grade between 87% and 89%, which is excellent and represents their grade in percentage terms. Many colleges and universities look for students with a B+ because they are above average in their high school.

Is B+ a Good Grade In Middle School?

Students frequently come across a required minimum GPA when researching what to submit to colleges and universities.

This means that in order to be admitted, their GPA must not be lower than what a school requires. When choosing your next few steps, you absolutely must be aware of your GPA based on your letter grade.

It is true that some American colleges and universities favor applicants with GPAs no lower than an A-.

This indicates that the vast majority of applicants to whom they send acceptance letters have GPAs of at least 3.7. Naturally, these schools are Ivy League and prestigious ones that the majority, if not all, college-bound students, dream of attending.

How Can B+ Students Improve Their Application?

The application of a B+ student may benefit from working toward higher grades. However, if the student is a junior or senior in high school, it is impossible to do. The student’s standing can be raised by making other components of the application, like extracurricular activities and personal essays, stronger.

The best time to start working toward an A+ is as soon as you set foot on your high school campus, which is typical during your freshman or sophomore year. Sadly, many high school students do not understand the value of a strong GPA until it is time to submit an application to a college or university.

As was previously mentioned, it can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to change your B+ grade (or any grade for that matter) into a higher one by the time you are in your senior year of high school.

This is where the advantages of a comprehensive admissions process, which many colleges and universities have come into play. Even though you are unable to change your B+ grade, you are still able to alter other aspects of your high school, giving your application a more impressive appearance despite your GPA.

  • Do Your Homework

As a general rule, your grade is determined by totaling all of your points and dividing that total by the number of points that are available. These zeroes can significantly lower your grade if some of your work is incomplete. Here are the Best Coding Programs for Middle School Students.

Is B+ a Good Grade In Middle School?
  • Pay Attention

You will most likely learn everything you require to succeed from your teachers. You will be more likely to hear and retain what they say if you pay attention as they impart this knowledge.

  • Study

In comparison to elementary school, middle school subjects are more in-depth. You need to do your homework in order to comprehend these more complex concepts fully. To ensure that you understand everything, go over your notes, read the book again, and create flashcards.

  • Take Tests Seriously

Your grade is often heavily influenced by your tests. It might be impossible for you to make up lost points on a test if you don’t give it your all.

  • Avoid Distraction

Look at your teacher when she is speaking, not at your friends who are sitting across from you. Although getting sidetracked momentarily may be enjoyable, you should consider your long-term academic objectives and resist the urge to lose concentration.

  • Get And Stay Organized

Papers and notes are easily lost when there is a lack of organization. Set up an organization system by using dividers or folders. Maintain organization throughout the year to save time and lessen work loss.

  • Follow School Rules

You run the risk of being suspended or even expelled if you don’t abide by school regulations. If you are not in school, you cannot receive good grades. Continue your education by following the rules in your middle school.

Is B+ a Good Grade In Middle School?
  • Pick Good Friends

Selecting friends who value academic focus is a good idea if you value academic focus yourself. You’ll be able to stay on track if you’re surrounded by friends who care about getting good grades.

  • Study With A Partner

If you study with others, it is much more enjoyable. Make study time social by collaborating with a friend.

  • Ask The Teacher For Help If Something Is Not Clear

When they have questions about a unit of instruction that are unclear or confusing, many middle school students, especially introverts, are often reluctant to ask their teachers for help.

You should be aware that there is no cause for concern and that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask your teacher for clarification when necessary. They must impart to you the knowledge that you will later need to verify on a test or through an assignment.

This is both their responsibility and calling. Building a good rapport with the teacher from the outset is made easier by asking additional questions when you are unclear about something because it communicates your sincere desire to understand the material and earn a good grade.

Which Colleges Can B+ Students Apply To?

Students can apply to numerous colleges and universities since a B+ is an above-average high school grade. Various college-ranking websites, of them, have impressive rankings. A holistic admissions process is used by the majority of these higher education institutions, which takes into account factors other than GPA.

Even if you get a B+ in class, don’t give up on your goal of graduating from college.

Is B+ a Good Grade In Middle School?

It may surprise you to learn that there are plenty of colleges and universities that are happy to welcome B+ high school graduates to their campuses. Understanding which schools you should apply to is the key.

The assurance that your application will be considered despite your B+ can also come from selecting reputable schools with a comprehensive admissions process.

But in order to be accepted, you must have other components of your application—like your SAT or ACT scores, recommendation letters, and personal essay—that can compensate for your B+ grades.

According to US News, which is one of the most popular and used ranking sites out there, the following colleges and universities are great for B+ students:

  • University of Florida State. Place: Florida’s Tallahassee. 58th place for national universities.
  • Howard University. Washington, DC, is the place. Ranked 80th among national universities.
  • Michigan State University. In Michigan, in East Lansing. 80th place among national universities.
  • Elon University. Elon, North Carolina, is the place. Position for national universities: 88.
  • Marquette University. Milwaukee, Wisconsin is the location. Position for national universities: 88.
  • University at Buffalo – SUNY. Buffalo, New York, is where. 88th place for national universities.
  • University of Iowa. Location: Iowa City, Iowa. Ranking of national universities: 88.
  • Arizona State University in Tempe. Arizona’s Tempe is the place. Ranking of national universities: 103.
  • University of Saint Louis. Missouri’s St. Louis serves as the location. 103rd place among national universities
  • Temple University. Pennsylvania’s Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Position for national universities: 103.
  • University of Oregon. Eugene, Oregon, is the location. 103rd place for national universities.
  • College of San Francisco. California’s San Francisco serves as the location. 103rd place among national universities
  • South Florida University. Tampa, Florida is the location. Ranking of national universities: 103.
  • Creighton University. Omaha, Nebraska is the location. Ranking of national universities: 112.
  • Illinois’ Loyola University. Chicago, Illinois, is where it is. 112th place among national universities
  • Illinois’ University of Chicago. Chicago, Illinois, is where it is. Ranking for national universities: 112.
  • University of La Verne La Verne, California, is the location. Ranking of national universities: 112.
  • Tennessee State University Knoxville, Tennessee, is the location. 112. National Universities

Conclusion: is Getting B+ in Middle School Bad?

Being a B+ student means you are an above-average high school student. As a result, many colleges and universities will find your application appealing. Some of them also perform exceptionally well on various college-ranking websites.

Simply put, the importance of academics, in general, can be inferred from how high school students perceive B+ grades. The fact that there isn’t really a right or wrong answer with regard to these student viewpoints should be emphasized as a final point.


Is a C a Good Grade in Middle School?

B+, B, or B- denotes competent performance. C+, C, C- indicates satisfactory performance. Poor performance is denoted by grades of D+, D, or D-.

Is A- a Good Grade?

Some students view an A- grade as a near miss from a perfect score. An A minus reduces a grade’s overall grade point value, making it worth less than four points, though this is not always the case in schools.

What Grade is Harder 7th Or 8th?

Seventh grade is a little bit easier than 8th grade because is more of an introduction to middle school, so they aren’t required to do as much work as 8th graders. The eighth graders are getting ready for high school, so we need to put in more effort to be prepared for the amount of work that high school will require of us.

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